• Release Date: 11-12 January 2016
  • Links: [1]


New Event DungeonEdit

  • The Black Dragon's Nest
    • Jan 1 2016 ~ Jan 25 2016
    • This Dungeon is open for a limited period only.
      • Event duration can be changed.

New Area & Quest AddedEdit

  • Area 29: Celestial Outpost

New Dash SkillsEdit

  • Machine Gun

New Story HeroesEdit

New Normal HeroesEdit

New CostumeEdit

Enhancing User ConvenienceEdit

  • Repeat Button Added in Tower of Tribulation
  • Story Hero cannot be used for combine function added
  • Enhancing Pal Points system
    • You can earn 10 Pal Points once you clear dungeon with your friends.
    • Display Limit of Pal Points Added
    • You can collect Pal Point up to 10000
    • Pal Point hero summon has been deleted

Bug FixEdit

  • 4th Awakening Skill
  • Changing Party Bug Fixed

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