• Release Date: 23-24 November 2015
  • Links: Forum link


New Areas AddedEdit

  • Sealed Island Added
    • Once 'Sealed Island' is cleared, the Demon God will appear in the World Map.
  • Core of the Demon God Added
  • Preview of "Shanrion" (New World)
    • Must clear 'Core of the Demon God' to view
    • Stages cannot be played
    • Navigation Method for World Map Changed: Arrows Added

New Story Hero AddedEdit

New Costumes AddedEdit

Rune Quality System AddedEdit

  • Rune Quality Indicator
    • Stats will vary by Rune's quality, not only by grade
    • Indicate Quality of the Rune:Normal, Super, Hyper, and Ultimate
      • (For example: HP Rune, Super HP Rune, Hyper HP Rune, & Ultimate HP Rune)
  • Quality Up Enhancement
    • Qualities of Rune and Order of Enhancement: Normal=>Super=>Hyper=>Ultimate
    • Runes must be +7 to have its quality enhanced

Rune Re-BalancedEdit

  • 1-6✫ Critical Rune Stat Increase
  • 5-6✫ HP Rune Stat Increase

Gathering ModeEdit

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