• Release Date: 19 October 2015
  • Links: Forum link (says 1.3.6, but info listed showed on V1.3.4)

Key changesEdit

Rune systemEdit

  • Lab updated:
    • Rune summons move to separate tab
    • 10+1 added for special rune summon
    • "Combine soul" listed as "Coming soon"
  • Enhancing reworked
    • Upgrade chance and cost both went up
    • Each enhancement fail increases next chance by 1% (0 before)

Champions RoadEdit

  • Boosters added
  • Champion Road shop added (will contain Champion Road specific Heroes)
  • Fenrir the Guardian and Daine the Thunder Fairy will be displayed in the Champion's Road Shop.
  • Users will now be able to use gems to reset
  • You can now reset using your one daily reset with gems to give you bonus hero pieces.

New HeroesEdit


  • Stage 23 added
  • Game Mode Adjustments
    • Campaign difficulty decreased to levels 20-22
    • Tower of Tribulation floors 89> difficulty re-balanced
    • Tower of Magic floors 45> difficulty decreased
  • Quests Added:
    • Stages 15-23 (Normal - Hell) Quests have been added
    • If stages are already cleared, uses can still claim rewards
  • Enhancement Changes
    • Improvements made to Hero sorting
    • Can now easily navigate from the top to bottom of your hero list
    • Hero Consecutive enhancements function added
    • Use up to 10 Heroes to rapidly enhance
    • If you max enhance prior to using all your attempts, you can simply choose to end.

Graphic ImprovementsEdit

  • Story Hero Kaden's special move effect has changed
  • 5 Chain Heavens fall effect changed
  • Hero summon background changed