• Release Date: 14 September 2015
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  • Lulu's stats for the costume weredisplayed incorrectly. The correction is 5% and not 50%.
  • Due some changes in our development process the following changes will be made with this update:
    • Removal of Gathering items from Champions Road
    • Added Special Summons, Normal Summons, and Champion Pieces
    • Use Champion Pieces to purchase a 4 Star Mana The Captain from the store
  • At this time only one Hero will be claimable with 'Hero Pieces', but based on how well this is perceived, we'll be rotating in different heroes in the future.

Character BalanceEdit

  • ★3~4 Clara the Clerics
    • Increased overall stats
  • ★4~6 Kamelot the Knight
    • Increase overall stats
  • Increase running attack Copy Cat rate
    • ★4 : 89%
    • ★5 : 92%
    • ★6 : 95%
  • ★4~6 Lena the Sword Master
    • Increase passive Hp up rate : 5%


  • Daily Quests Counts Adjusted
    • Dungeon Explorer : 10 -> 5
    • Champion’s Instinct : 5 -> 1


Champions RoadEdit

  • New Mode with high tier rewards (Gold, Special Summons, Normal Summons, Hero Pieces)
  • Collect Hero Pieces to purchase a new Hero in the Store (Mana the Captain)
  • When a party member gets defeated, they are permanently defeated until a “reset” is used
  • Once you have either completed, or have no more heroes left to use, you can reset Champions Road.
  • Only 1 reset allowed a day.
  • Higher difficulties unlocked once the previous difficulty is completed.

Costume SystemEdit

  • Heroes now have new costumes available!
  • Please note that Lulu's stats for the costume is displayed incorrectly. The correction is 5% and not 50%. We apologize for this issue.
  • Clara the Cleric Costume Added
  • Lulu the Princess Costume Added