• Release date: 4 September 2015 (part 1 being an accidental early release by a couple days)

Part 1Edit

We apologize for not having these patch notes up sooner. Due to a scheduling error, this update was pushed out a little bit earlier than expected so our apologies for not having these patch notes available sooner. From our understanding today's update was only supposed to be a version update (hence why Eliziria stated this a bit earlier).

At this time, only Android devices are able to update (to celebrate being featured on the Google Play Store). iOS update will be coming in the near future.

The update is not necessary to play, but if you are not prompted to download it upon loading the game, you'll have the option to update via the Google Play store.


  • Gift All Function
    • Users will now be able to send out swords to all friends with one button. (No more manual gifts! Woot!)
  • New Lobby
    • After completeing the first 4 stages in Sky Heim, you'll be taken to a new HUB, The Skyship!
  • Rune Sell
    • You will now have the ability to sell runes by star level
    • By selecting 1-6 options, it will highlight all runes of that value
    • Please note, that you'll be able to individually deselect runes in case you want to keep certain runes.

Part 2Edit

New DungeonsEdit

  • Crosselle's Aircraft
  • Pymon's Volcano

New HereosEdit

New Goblin MerchantEdit

  • Merchant will sell Swords and Skip Tickets at a discounted price.