Hero passive abilities effect the battle by either being consistently active or firing automatically when conditions are met.

There are two main types of passives; constant and automatic.

  • Constant passives will active at the beginning of a fight and stay active even if the hero dies.
  • Automatic passives will active when certain conditions are met, but these require the hero to be alive.

Constant PassivesEdit

  • Attack Buff
  • Fire Buff
  • Water Buff
  • Wood Buff
  • Elemental Buff
  • Critical Buff
  • Defense Buff
  • HP Buff
  • Perfect Attack Buff
  • Skill Buff
  • Increased MP rate

Automatic PassivesEdit

  • Chain buffer (chain attacks must be exact length to trigger)
  • Revival (unlike Skills, this can activate even when the hero is stunned).
  • Heal before last dungeon