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Heroes are units you can put into battle. While all heroes are fought in dungeons (and some are even "villains"), not all monsters are obtainable as heroes.

Heroes come in 4 main categories:

  • Story - these are heroes / villains you encounter in stories in dungeons
  • Raid - these heroes are only available as a reward from dungeon raids
  • Normal - usually weaker than story / raid heroes, these are the bulk of most heroes
    • Event / special - some heroes are only available for a certain promotion / time.
  • Fairy - the only purpose of these units are to evolve other units. Note that some units have "fairy" in their name, but this doesn't make them automatically fall under this category (ex: Daine the Thunder Fairy and Nana the Fairy).


Not counting star forms, there are currently 174 usable heroes in-game.